About Us

Coming from a jewellery family; influence’s and natural passion since early days towards jewellery, motivated both of us [ashish & bharat] to make our forte in jewellery.

Right after our graduation,we forayed into jewellery. We got able guidance and training from our mentors who were masters of trade,also followed with the manufacturing process training from the master craftsman of the city.

We were long-time friends; having equal thoughts and vibes moved forward to keep our association one step ahead, by incepting LIFESTYLE JEWELS in 2007 in the heart of the city JOHRI BAZAR.


Having high morals & values and always believing in excellence,growing gradually we had made place /clientele with cities’ prominent & couture jewellers.

Raising sales and applauding feedback from established and well known jewellers/clients for our workmanship, design innovations and quality, we forayed to other parts of India winning key jeweller accounts.

Further feedback and motivations prepared us to foray international. HONG KONG shows, got great response and welcome.


We commit to deliver excellence & value to our clients;in terms of honest price and trouble free raw materials, on agreed terms.

As per the geographical location, size and distribution of the city we work with the minimum number of clients possible in their respective cities to make sure the availability of individual styles at their counter so they may not have any similar or repeat designs in conflict with any of their competitor.


We create beautiful handcrafted jewellery. Our jewellery shows our passion for creative and beautiful jewellery yet having a very balance of trend & tradition.

A fusion of classic and contemporary settings and finishing, the flow & stages of the design reflects in the finished piece. We believe that the most important aspect in making the jewellery is our love & passion for the art & creation.


Our jewellery shows our zest towards quality, they individually speak for the labor and efforts taken in creating them. Every piece goes for stringent quality test at every stage of manufacturing.

Quality for us doesn’t ends up with the finishing only, we take equal measures in selecting the stone quality, we arability & technical aspects of piece.


All the raw materials are responsibly sourced from the very legitimate of traders. All the craftsman were paid to the best for their excellence in making & finishing.

Fairer trade practices, right sourcing and good compensation to the craftsman get us the quality pieces. The value sourcing make enables the value supply.


Trends speaks and so the customers. We hear all and patiently. Asking’s have the influence on designs, but the creation is self, it’s inspired, from nature & surroundings. Not even the front, also the back of the piece; the bezel, the gallery, the back all were tastefully selected. And only after a thoughtful discussion, internal survey’s one is chosen.

Nevertheless, selection of material takes one of the maximum efforts, sometimes it takes hour’s n hour’s to select the right stone combinations to bring the maximum beauty out of the piece. Our efforts are reflected in the choice of stones used and the blending of various shades & hues of the raw material. A good effort is taken in choosing the right craftsman matching with his individual skill for the very process of the piece.